Be Still


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Do you remember that old story in the Bible…
Uh..of course it’s old.  It’s from the Bible.
And don’t get your knickers in a bunch because I mentioned the B word, either.
The Bible, like so many other best sellers, is simply a book.
Read it, use what applies to you and discard the rest.  For me, it is a reference that ties together and gives wisdom to several of my life’s events.  It is not, however, the all inclusive manual to how my spiritual life should be led.
With that said, let me back up to the beginning…

Remember that story where Jesus was on a ship with his disciples and while he was asleep, a storm began to brew?  It was pretty chaotic.  From our standards, it might have been the beginning of a tsunami.
However, Jesus slept.
The disciples were hecka disturbed.
“We are hella in trouble!  The skies are black, the water is rising and I got my new goat skin sandals wet!  How can he sleep at a time like this?
They woke him in a panic asking if he even cared about them.
Of course he did and to prove it, he stood and told the storm to, “Be Still.”
It obeyed.

In church, I was told this story all during my childhood and often heard a song sung about it.  Everyone concentrated on the fact that he was able to command the weather, however, not me.  What caught my attention and still lingers today is the fact that in the presence of complete chaos, Jesus was still able to sleep.

Let’s learn to be still.Be_StillIn the presence of adversity — when the world surrounding you is in complete chaos — let’s be still.

When the answer to your prayers and manifestations aren’t happening soon enough.
When you feel you have been forgotten….
…Let’s be still.
We know not the future or what the Universe has in the works for us.
Our meddling can ruin the total outcome.

Be still and let the Universe work her magic. ♥

Peace Within


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Secret_PlaceThe world has gone amok!
Well, judging from the headlines, anyway.

“2000 geese fall dead ‘out of the sky’ in Idaho.”
“Mesa Shooting: At least six people shot, 1 killed.”
“Tunisia Gunmen Target Tourism, Killing 19 At An Art Museum.”

And would you believe this was all reported today?
It’s enough to cause panic, fear and uncertainty.
Are we safe?
Will I be next?
I’m scared!

Dear Friend…
It’s okay.
Don’t allow outwardly circumstances disturb your peace from within.
Regardless to what is happening in the world, we have the ability to orchestrate our own happiness — a happiness that shines brighter than any dark cloud could ever dim.

Keep the Faith.
Keep the Hope.
Keep the Love.
Keep Your Peace ♥

Shine Bright, Shine Right


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(epic music begins)

“You think you have won! What is light without dark? What are you without me? I am a part of you all. You can never defeat me. We are brothers eternal!”

“Actually, that’s not true.  Hate to break it to you since you are the Lord of Darkness and all, but we are all beacons of light.  Sure, some of our lights are much dimmer than others, but the potential to shine bright is there and is waiting for it’s catalyst.
Oh and as far as you being indestructible….
…i love u.”
(epic music scratches to a halt)

That’s my take on how the movie Legend should have ended.
‘Course, it would have been a total flop at the box office and probably ruined Tom Cruise’s budding career. (There is a God!)
But, the message still stands true.
We are all beacons of light and have the potential to shine bright to lighten and give strength to someone else’s day.
And guess what?
When you shine right (no forced words or fake smiles) which is from the depths of your soul, you glow naturally.
I’ve never mastered the poker face, so when I am going through some sort of pain in my life, it shows.  However, my beacon, even though walled off at the time, finds it’s way through small cracks and tiny crevices shinning outward — connecting to someone who needs it.
Their face changes.
A smile of their own begins to form and because of that, for the moment,
life isn’t so hard.
Not for either of us.

Seeking the Impossible


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ReachingForTheUnknown“It’s funny how what I speak lately has been manifested.”
“Oh really?  Well, what if I said that I want you fly?”
“First, you would have to believe in the impossible as I do.  Second, the Universe did not create our bodies to fly.  We have no wings.  But, if you believed and told me to fly, this is what would happen.”
“The Universe would send me free airline tickets.”

This is the conversation I had with my son on an elevator.
After my last comment, all he could do was chuckle.
Beyond our normal scope of belief, there is an alternate reality.
One that is just waiting for us to believe.
To embrace all possibilities and haul ass until we get there.
That means hella “I Love You” to yourself, reading inspirational info and watching videos such as The Love Revolution.

Seek the impossible.
The Universe will smile upon you.

Manifest The Positive


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Beyond_All_KnowingOne very early morning, I was awaken from a deep sleep by these two words:
Limited Odds.

When things like this happen, I always check to see if I’ve been influenced by outside forces like the TV playing in the background or the radio humming a song.
But, no.  The room was silent.

Limited Odds.
It struck me so that I wrote it down on a piece of paper hanging on my wall.  I wanted to be able to see it, understand it, incorporate it into my thinking and make it a practice in my daily life.
You see, when you have faith and focus on manifesting the positive, the odds that things of an adverse nature will dwindle beyond importance.  They will limit themselves becoming microscopic in comparison to everything else.
It is not an easy thing to do and therefore must be practiced everyday.
Try it and bring forth the sunshine in your life. ♥

Seriously Sirius


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Seriously_SiriusWhat comes to mind when you hear the word Sirius?”

He asked this of me several months back.
Other than the broadcasting company, I’d never heard the name before, yet it sent shivers all over my body.

What came to mind?
Well, I wasn’t about to tell him — it was stupid and I felt foolish.
But, somehow the cat was let out of the bag.

I see the color of pearls and..and..”
I quickly took paper and pen in hand and drew what I couldn’t explain.
The outcome was several round figures — balls, if you will.
Without hesitation and speaking a word, he showed me THIS.

How could I have known?
Have I seen or read about Sirius somewhere and simply forgot?
Do I have an intimate connection with the star system?
One from long ago.
Draw your own conclusion…

Chalk It Up To Chakras


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The_Red_RootBeing out of alignment sucks!
Take if from me, a woman who’s daily visuals are constantly whopsided thanks to the astigmatisms I have in both eyes.  Turning my head to the side like an inquisitive pooch  isn’t out of the ordinary since nothing looks straight.
I remember when it became very apparent to me something was wrong when the big black and white clock hanging on the wall in high school music class never ever hung straight.  One day, I took it upon myself in front of the entire class to reach up and give the old timepiece assistance by rotating it a tad to the right….
It fell off the wall, hitting me smack dab on the head.
The class laughed, of course, and wondered why I tried to move it.
“Well, it was crooked!  Couldn’t you tell?  I mean, you did see it that way, right….right?”
Imagine the troubles I would have if my entire being was unaligned.

It appears that is exactly where I am right now — out of alignment.  And I’m not alone.  Both my sons who live with me are experiencing unbalance, as well.
The Gentle Giant (middle son), doesn’t have much of an appetite.
My Hero (youngest son) has been suffering from constipation  and me..
Well, I can’t seem to be still.
I find it necessary on a daily basis to go here and there, back and forth only to suffer from swollen knees and aching feet.
It wasn’t until I mentioned all of this to Myles Jefferson, author of Ascended Daily, that it was brought to my attention that our root chakras (Muladhara), located at the base of the spine and responsible for our sense of safety and security, are imbalanced.
After 13 years of living in the same house, we picked up all our stuff and moved to an apartment.  Not only that, but we left a lot of things behind — a way of starting afresh and anew.  My Hero was only 5 when we first moved in that house so it’s basically all he knows.  Our lives have changed dramatically and although I knew we would have some adjusting to do, I never thought it would come in this form.

So, how do we heal?
There’s several ways suggested on the internet, but the ones I’ve chosen will not cause us anymore undue stress. (Can you see my butt in the lotus position?  I think not.)

*I use Aromatherapy diffusing Rosewood and Ginger.
*Since the root chakra’s color is red, I serve more red apples, red meat and even carrots.
*Sounds and tones are all important.
While writing this, I have been listening to this.
T’is very soothing and makes the fact that my above neighbor was trained to walk by Godzilla bearable.
*Time & Love.
Although not specifically mentioned, they are no-brainers.
Give time to love (yourself and then others) and love the time you are given.
Manifest the positive and be well on your journey.




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I must admit.
I’ve been away for quite sometime.
There are several major reasons why and all of them point to I, Zoomy, being a caterpillar in a cocoon.
I have now transformed into a much more beautiful being and want to share my insight with everyone.  Let’s begin here, shall we?
Tis all about love, Precious.
Love yourself, first of all.
If it’s difficult, don’t worry.  For practice makes perfect.
Tell yourself, “I love you.”  Doesn’t matter if you believe it or not.  That will all change.  Believe me.
I wasn’t fond of myself for decades and no matter what I accomplished (multiple awards and the love from theatre fans), I thought I was a piece of crap.
Now, I am 51 years old and I can finally say to myself “I love you.”
I raised four children on my own (two of which are disabled and living with me) without the help of a partner, I know how to handle business and can stand up to those  with multiple degrees.
I love myself.
And you should, too.
Where to begin?
Start with a website I find quite inspiring called Ascended Daily.   You will find inspiration, sensibility and most importantly…L♥ve.

See you in the clouds!

Get Over It


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My, my, my.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
I have never witnessed such a group of dysfunctional people in my life.
I’m talking about American Horror Story, of course.  I recently discovered it on Netflix and I must say I’m finding it worthy of my attention.  Probably because their lives are so tragic that when I look at my own, it doesn’t seem so bad.  Makes it easier for me to get over the small stuff.
Damn!  I just spilled the last of the creamer on the floor and I need coffee!
Well, Tate just rapped the love of his life’s mom,
so going without coffee isn’t so bad.
Inspired by the ghosts of yesteryear trapped in the story,
one of them being Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia),
I’m presenting to you She Had It Comin’ and Alibi.




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She said to me,
“I laid down for a rest and as I lay there, I could hear children screaming, cars passing and the honking of their horns, the loud rustling of paper being crumpled over and over, and an unrecognizable tune lingering in the background.
Suddenly, it all stopped.
There wasn’t a television playing.
The radio was dead silent and the computer’s fan gave only a slight hum.
That’s when I realized that the noise I was hearing….
..was coming from my head.”

Turn off the noise people and listen.